September past & present

September, what a month!

September has always been my favorite month. For me, growing up in South Africa, September meant baby animals, flowers blooming & a hug from the sun. It is spring!

That’s why, when the love of my life proposed, we set a wedding date for September. I designed the wedding dress of my dreams & wanted our wedding to represent who we are. A little bit different, a lot of fun & something to remember.

No seating plans, no elaborate table decorations & definitely no fancy food.

So we got married in Camelot castle, only ivy & candles for the center of the tables, sit where ever you like & roast meat & veggies, that you ate off a wooden board with a knife!

My new hubby & I were the last to leave because we were dancing & having so much fun.

24 years later, with 2 children, living in a new country & he is still the love of my life. We love to celebrate all successes, big & small. Good old family values are important to me, along with manners, being positive, kind & loyal.

September 2021, an idea & dream was kickstarted into becoming a reality & here we are in September 2022, with a small business, that’s learning & growing every day.

Support a small business that cares about family, the environment & having things just the way you like them!

Cheers for now

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