Black Friday Deals! Candles make great gifts.

100% Natural soy wax scented candles at a great price are available & ready to ship.

Great Black Friday deals right here! Right now! We have 100% Natural soy wax scented candles at a great price that are available & ready to ship. So why not kickstart your Christmas shopping & take the stress out of Christmas with these beautifully scented candles that are a perfect gift for your loved ones or even as a treat for yourself.

These elegant frosted glass jar candles have wooden wicks for the perfect ambiance. The hand-poured candles have two different scents & are made from 100% natural soy wax with 25 – 40 burning hours. The one candle is Amber & Sandalwood scented, which has an amethyst crystal stone. The other candle scent is Lavender Vanilla with a Lapis Lazuli crystal stone.

A minimalist design means that they are great for any occasion or to treat yourself. The Candles have a bamboo lid which can also be used as a coaster when the candle is lit. The Lavender Vanilla scented candle makes for a peaceful & romantic scent, with a warm fuzzy feeling & a sense of contentment. It gives a feeling of a warm hug.

The Amber fragrance is warm & inviting, with a touch of sensuality, while the Sandalwood is a deep, earthy, & woodsy smell, with an animalistic quality. This fragrance taps into the sensual part of your brain. The Sandalwood aids emotional well-being & has a grounding aroma.

These candles have a Sophisticated simplicity with hidden intricacy, makes for perfect gifts for any occasion.

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